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5 EASY Energy-Saving Tips you can do yourself:

by Patty Tashiro of Fruitfull Energy

1 – Switch out all incandescent bulbs to LEDs

Switching six 60-W light bulbs that are on for six hours/day can cut your electricity bill by about $110/year! LED bulbs have never been cheaper! You can often get bulbs for under $2 now! (Thank you, Efficiency Vermont!)

2 – Make use of your blinds

On a sunny day, let the sun shine in and help warm your home. When it’s dark, close them up to help insulate from the cold. Although most people think they need new windows, upgrading windows is usually not cost-effective and one of the last things to do. Using your blinds effectively and stopping leaks with weather-stripping is usually the way to go. If you want to stop leaks around the windows, try installing basic weather-stripping. Here’s a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAPv9wdrNuo

3 - Vacuum your refrigerator coils

The refrigerator often accounts for about 8% of your electricity bill. If you vacuum the dust, pet hair, and other flotsam off the condenser coils behind or underneath your refrigerator, it’ll work more efficiently. (And, be sure to unplug that spare fridge in the garage! Save it for the overflow during the holidays!)

4 - Adjust the thermostat

If you’re not at home, why heat your house like someone is there? We recommend setting the thermostat between 65 and 70 when you are home and at 58 when you are not… or when you are cozy in bed! Use a programmable thermostat to make sure the house is toasty before you get up! (Make sure you set the temperature higher when elderly people or children are in the home.) Setting back the temperature can save you 10% on your annual heating bill. It’s a quick adjustment that makes a big difference.

5 – Buy more silverware…

How can buying more silverware… or more socks save you energy? Because you can wait to run the dishwasher or clothes washer until it’s full! Pay attention to what you’re about to run out of that’s making you run that half-full load and get more of that!  

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